Chinese Astrology Reading

Chinese Astrology Reading

Chinese Astrology, in fact, has been around for centuries. Based on birth year, this art will provide a person with a lot of impressive insights into his characteristics, innate abilities, and likes & dislikes. Perhaps, that’s why we’re likely to have a lot in common with our graduation class. At times, having a Chinese astrology reading can be seen as an unconventional way of improving our life cycle as well as our own impression. It’s something that we should incorporate into our lifestyle in many different ways. Therefore, during the 2-hour preparation for a Chinese astrology consultation, we’re able to take a close look at how to interpret a horoscope for changing negativity around us.

Like Western astrology, the Chinese one is also considered a complicated subject. There is said to be much more to it than just the 12 animal signs, which we frequently see on the placemats in one Chinese restaurant. Several of the other influencing factors that come into play include the Yin-Yang duality and the 5 Elements. It’s also required us to have a good grasp of something around the Chinese philosophy so that we’re deeply capable of understanding how to apply the beauty of astrology to our life.

Chinese Astrology Zodiac Signs – Basic Traits Of Animals

Chinese Astrology Reading

Based on the art of Chinese astrology, FREE horoscope interpretation for our chart will still continue here. Whenever we’re curious to know more about our animal sign, keep reading on some info below for more clarification now!

  • RAT sign with the element of Yang Water: Careful, accumulative, creative, hoarding, doubting, and lustful.
  • OX sign with the element of Yin Earth: Patient, receptive, persevering, methodical, focused, and obstinate.
  • TIGER sign with the element of Yang Wood: Wise, benevolent, compassionate, proud, aggressive, and short tempered.
  • RABBIT sign with the element of Yin Wood: Gentle, intelligent, friendly, fickle, furtive, and discordant.
  • DRAGON sign with the element of Yang Earth: Proud, powerful, uncompromising, aggressive, prejudiced, and arrogant.
  • SNAKE sign with the element of Yin Fire: Intuitive, financially secure, insightful, vain, egotistical and jealous.
  • HORSE sign with the element of Yang Fire: Sociable, sensual, high spirited, keen sighted, easy to anger, and talkative.
  • SHEEP sign with the element of Yin Earth: Graceful, faithful, obedient, pessimistic, sensitive, and timid.
  • MONKEY sign with the element of Yang Metal: Lovable, clever, resourceful, sympathetic, susceptible, curious, scatterbrained, and impulsive.
  • ROOSTER with the element of Yin Metal: Visionary, selfish, versatile, ostentatious, clever, and poor concentration
  • DOG sign with the element of Yang Earth: Honest, respectful, loyal, assertive, demanding, and stubborn.
  • BOAR sign with the element of Yin Water: Serious, reckless, good disposition, inflexible, and impatient.

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